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What Does It Feel Like To Have A Woman Love You?

July 19, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

1. I remember what it felt like. You wake up with this feeling that you can accomplish anything. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you feel powerful and capable. You don’t give a shit about what others think of you, you stop overthinking for no reason, you just do it. You are at the right place at the right time every time, because you figure out a way to make every moment an opportunity. You feel all of this because somewhere in all this space and noise, you know there’s this beautiful person that loves every detail of you, someone that accepts you for who you are, no matter what. You love her, she loves you, and that gives you incredible strength. That makes you live with ambition. That makes you live with so much confidence. You walk around like nothing can break you.


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What Does It Feel Like To Be 80 Years Old Knowing That Death Is Imminent?

July 17, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

(photo: @flpschi)

I am in my 80s. To be this age is largely luck. To be this age and reasonably healthy with peace of mind is even luckier. To be this age, be healthy, and not lonely makes one feel so lucky that you want to gulp the moments down like a drowning man reaching air. I have been in five car crashes without being hurt (none were my fault). During the war as a child, I experienced several bombs falling within close range and where people within yards of myself were killed or injured. Numerous other such incidents sometimes gives one a sense of invulnerability, and other times that the next incident won’t be so lucky.


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Confessions Of A Father With A Psychopathic Son

July 10, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

pyschopath son

My son was very troubled. VERY troubled. If you have seen the movie “We Need To Talk About Kevin”, it will really help to understand what I’m talking about, because I swear to God when I watched that film I thought I was watching a documentary of my life, I felt like the writer must have had cameras hidden in my damn house, that’s how accurate it was. The only difference is that in the movie, the boy appears normal to his father and only reveals his true nature to his mother, with my son he didn’t have that mask. His insane behavior was the same with everyone.


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What’s It Like To Be A Software Engineer At Google

July 10, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

google tel aviv

You come in in the morning. Everybody’s hours are different, nobody’s punching a clock. In general, people with school-age kids usually come in earlier than single folks. I arrive usually around 8:30, and head for breakfast. Food at Google is amazing. I’m sorry, let me correct myself. Food at Google Tel-Aviv is amazing. Food at Google in the Bay Area kind of sucks, if you ask me (lots of kale. Googlers love to complain about kale. Googlers love to complain. We’ve developed a special internal web service called memegen, almost entirely dedicated to complaining about things like kale). Food in Google Paris and Google Kirkland is pretty awesome too, and if you live in the US, then you’ll probably like the food at other offices too.


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A Day In The Life Of A Prison Inmate

June 26, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

(photo: @tomblackout)

I can only say from my experience.

I was in a cell. There are also dorms, and I haven’t been in a dorm.

I was in a 2-3 man cell (new guy had to sleep on floor).

I woke up around 5:30 AM or just before( you get used to it). Then there was a count.

At that point you had the option to go back to sleep until breakfast or do something else, such as watch the local news on T.V., work out or try to shower.

You could also read, or do something. I usually got up and started moving around.

Around 7 you’d do another count where they actually looked in you cell to see if it was in order, and then chow.


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Confessions Of A Russian Mail Order Bride

June 20, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

What did you do before you joined the mail order service?

I just graduated from college.

Why get into it?

I was young and didn’t have clear intentions, just curiosity

What was the appeal to the US?

Russians have a romanticized vision of US – that is free, cool, and a land of opportunity.

What were your perceptions of the US before you came? Has your experience been anything like what you were expected since your divorce?

Perceptions before I came were shaped by Hollywood – so white picket fence and two story house with two kids and a dog. Or Manhattan. And all kinds of freedom for all. Turned out to be the opposite of that.


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4 First Hand Accounts Of Different Life Experiences

June 19, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

What’s it like to regret having your child?

I regret having my 9 year old with autism and oppositional defiance disorder every single day. She is very verbal and can be as sweet as a peach when she gets her way, but doing the hard work of parenting her correctly has been a nightmare.

She was an unwanted pregnancy when I was a dumb 20 year old. I was in a lot of psych meds before I realized I was pregnant that I think messed her brain up. I had taken plan B perfectly like on the instructions the one time I had unprotected sex, I figured that would have been the end of that worry. I didn’t realize I was pregnant until she was about 10 weeks gestation and immediately stopped taking my meds but alas. By the time I could get the money together for an abortion (the closest planned parenthood was a 7 hour drive so no-go there) the pregnancy was too far along. I wish I would have looked into adoption now.


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3 First Hand Accounts Of Different Life Experiences

June 12, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

What’s it like to get fucked over by your ex-wife?

I was scammed by a woman who married me with the intent to divorce later – at 15 years.  It was her second marriage and she knew the legal system all too well. Over the years, she  was careful to make herself appear like she contributed to the marriage. But the reality is that she contributed very little. She made sure that she never had a job. Although I worked sometimes 60 hours per week, I spent more time raising my son than the EX, and performed most of the homemaker duties. Just for good measure, near the end of the marriage, the EX tricked me into getting deep into debt by insisting on purchasing various properties. She went so far as to convince me that by adopting a baby girl would fill a void in our marriage. I thought it was for love, but found out too late that is was simply a calculated legal move. After only a couple of weeks after the adoption, the EX told me that the girl was my problem.


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Confessions Of A Dude

June 5, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

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What’s It Like To Almost Get Beheaded By A Mexican Cartel

May 22, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

I’m a 20 year old half Mexican-american dude who lives in the state of Sonora, Mexico, very close to Arizona. More precisely in Hermosillo, its biggest and capital city of the state, whose streets have been controlled by “Los Salazar” — a criminal band allied and supported by the Sinaloa’s Cartel — which’s sustation gets mainly financed by manufacturing meth and weed and crossing it to the US. In order for them to grow up and stay immune from the federal government, their motto “silver or lead” has lead for high commanders and politicians to take up the money and to set things up for the cartels to do them moves.

That being said, I wanted you guys to get a bit of background on this because this is the reality we live everyday.

I remember these story that it happened not too long ago — maybe 2017— when I accidentally got involved with the wrong guy and almost ended up dead. Back to when I started to fuck with H, money wasn’t the thing but finding a dealer since almost one one sell it and the ones who did were addicts from lowkey hoods , so I used to hang up with a guy who as an addict could get it for me if he could get high with me. I never used it daily but more like once or twice a month, and this guy helped me out with it.


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