The Daily Man-Up: Practice Choosing Discomfort

April 2, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up |

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Practice choosing discomfort.

Our choice is between doing an uncomfortable thing now or having greater discomfort thrust upon us later. Because we procrastinators suck at choosing the lesser discomfort now, we effectively are choosing greater discomfort at times that are out of our control.

Making that choice is a skill. It has to be practiced to be developed. You can’t just start doing it easily today just like you can’t just start doing anything that requires skill.


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The Daily Man-Up: Why Women Test Men

April 1, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating Advice, Man-Up |

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We’ve all gotten it, the proverbial test women will throw at us, either when we first meet, or when we start dating, or much further down the line. I keep seeing men freeze up in these tests, often forgetting that…

These tests are a good thing!

First, let’s take a look at how she will test;

She will test by complaining, challenging, changing her mind, doubting and distracting.


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The Daily Man-Up: The Transformative Power of the Gratitude Habit

March 31, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up |

(photo: @sidelinejones)

There’s a small habit that I practice, that can turn difficult situations into much better ones — and it won’t surprise you. It’s the habit of gratitude.

This is such a simple habit, and it’s one that we often forget to practice. But when we do, it can transform our entire perspective, and with it our whole life.

Let me give you an example. About 10 years ago, I remember being caught in a rainstorm and being soaked, and also feeling generally stressed about being broke and hating my job and unhappy with my health. I was a bit depressed about it all, actually.

Then I decided to make a mental list of everything I was grateful for, right there in the rain. It was a long list, and while I can’t remember everything on it, some of the things I remember include:


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The Daily Man-Up

March 30, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up |

life advice for men
(photo: @zoltantasi)

The warrior sees the opportunity in the challenge; the coward sees the curse.

There are problem-solvers and complainers. They’re both looking at the same thing, but only one will ever find a solution. Only one will rise to the challenge. The other is relegated to being the victim to the circumstance that both are staring right in the face.

There are thousands of problems that you will face in your life. Some problems can come out of nowhere as if they’ve been thrown into your life as some sort of punishment from the heavens. You can give into the desire to curse the event, curse your Maker, curse the universe for sending this bloody awful situation into existence for no apparent reason, or you can create a reason by seeing the challenge that lies in front of you.


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8 Signs You’re Dating A Psycho

March 27, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating Advice, Man-Up |

crazy girlfriend

Although we like to think of women as gentle and kind beings, there are some that do nothing but breed chaos, misunderstanding and insanity in relationships–especially when things don’t go their way. Whether these behaviors originate from a chemical imbalance or from the environment in which they were raised, one thing is for sure–dating a nut job can negatively affect all areas of your life; therefore, your goal should be to spot these gals before things get out of control. Here are 8 signs that the woman you’re dating is a psycho.


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The Daily Man-Up

March 26, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice, Man-Up |

courage to be yourself

“The ability to speak your truth is the bulwark against hell” – Prof Jordan Peterson

Reflecting on my journey, I’ve come to realize that one of the greatest disservices any man can do to himself (and his peers) is to speak un-truth.

I’m not talking about tiny white lies, like saying you love that weird dish your mom makes and is really proud of, even though you aren’t a big fan…

I’m talking about compromising your own core values in order to avoid confrontation.

We’re a society of people-pleasers…

Think of all the times you’ve wanted to speak your truth…

To say what you truly think, and to stand up for what you truly value…

As that alarming feeling of ‘this is not right’ arises inside you – what do you do?


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The Daily Man-Up: A Woman’s O-Face

March 25, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating Advice, Man-Up |

o face

An O-face is by far the sexiest and most seductive thing in the world to me.

To a man, or at least to me, my GF O-face silently reassures “You are everything society has told you you should be. You have fulfilled the most important role of what a man is supposed to be and have been deemed worthy. You are such a manly, manly man that I have completely lost all control of myself, down to my most basic motor and language skills. You have unraveled me, and I am falling apart beneath you, yet I trust you so completely to be totally and absolutely vulnerable before you. You make me happy and are the only one who can make me feel this way. Also, in ways that can be scientifically quantified, your dick gets me extremely high.”


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The Daily Man-Up

March 24, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice, Man-Up |

man of your word

(photo: @freestocks)

Are you doing what you said you’d be doing while staying at home?

If not, then do two very important things:

First – Go easy on yourself. Your self-punishment is only making it worse. Relax, breathe, and wipe the slate clean. Start fresh, today.

Second – Focus on cultivating the link between your word and your action.


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The Daily Man-Up: How Pain Can Help You Achieve The Impossible

March 23, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

We’ve all heard the phrase, “No pain – no gain.” Consciously, you might agree with the idea; it seems obvious that succeeding is often hard, unpleasant work.

Subconsciously, however, humans are terrified of all pain: physical; emotional; psychological. Tony Robbins said it best: most of what we do revolves around avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

But what if you could use pain to your advantage? What if pain can help you achieve the impossible?


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The Daily Man-Up: If You Live With A Fear That You’re Wasting Your Life

March 20, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

wasting your life

Or perhaps if you feel you HAVE been wasting your life up until this moment, I’d like to write a quick thing for you here:

Fulfillment – true fulfillment – is still a possibility for you even now.

I appreciate that this might be hard to believe, because from a certain perspective it’s like “well I’ve wasted all this time doing nothing, and I’m older than I’ve ever been, and I have less time now in my life than ever before… so whatever I’m capable of achieving now is only a small version of what I could have otherwise achieved if I had all my shit together.”


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