Lets Talk A Walk Into The Trailer Park Side Of Life

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trashy photos

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Let These Photos Be A Lesson To All Those Who Don’t Do Their Due Diligence When Finding A Good Barber

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bad haircut

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There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

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funny memes and funny pictures

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Reaction GIFs Beeeeeyotch!

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My mom coming back into my room finding me sleeping 5 mins after she woke me up


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Bella Thai

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I Asked Cucks Why They’re Obsessed With Watching Their Partners Cheat – VICE

The Surreal Nostalgia Of Arcade Longplays –

The Stupid Idiot’s Guide to Investing Your Little Bit of Money – Splinter

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3 Important Life Skills Nobody Ever Taught You – Mark Manson

The Urge to Share News of Our Lives Is Neither New nor Narcissistic – Aeon

Massachusetts Attorney General Implicates Family Behind Purdue Pharma In Opioid Deaths – NPR

A 4-Year-Old Trapped in a Teenager’s Body – The Cut

A Missing Teen Boy Was Allegedly Used As A “Sex Slave” By Several Men In Florida – BuzzFeed

The Millions Silicon Valley Spends On Security For Execs – Wired

Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser Now Has To PAY HIM For Losing Her Lawsuit Against Him – Sports Gossip

This Tiny Bluetooth Chip Doesn’t Need A Battery Because It Harvests Energy From The Air –

Top Real Estate Warning Signs To Be Aware Of Before Buying – Financial Samurai

The 1994 Toyota Supra That Sold for $121,000 On Bring a Trailer Is Now at a Dealer for $500,000 – Jalopnik

The Real-Life Diet of Mat Fraser, the Fittest Man on Earth – GQ

Faith Schroder Slutty in Tulum of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Secret Life of a Mormon Porn Star – Narratively

Must have for homeowners…the best security camera to keep tabs outside your home – Amazon

Transgender Woman Who Spazzed Out On A Gamestop Employee Speaks Out – Worldstar

37 Tourist Trap Restaurants That Are Actually Really Good – The Daily Meal

How to Raise a Confident Kid (But not an Arrogant Jerk) – Fatherly

‘Martial arts master’ is knocked out by an MMA fighter who vows to fight ‘fake kung fu’ – Daily Mail

Curvy girls with massive jugs (nsfw) – BB Blog

Feminists Respond To ‘Janu-Hairy’ Movement: It’s Racist Not To Shave Your Armpits – Daily Wire

Weronika Bielik is very real and very spectacular – Trending Views

Emma Watson, Victoria Justice and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

#Beliveallwomen: Text Messages Saved Him From Her Rape Claim – Brass Pills

Smoking hawt college girl nearly newd – Ehowa

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny memes and funny pictures

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What It’s Like To Lose Your Child Unexpectedly?

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(photo: @samuelmartins7)

My 18-year-old daughter died in a car accident on her way to school a few weeks ago. I’m going to try to convey what it’s like.

Police officer shows up at the door: This will haunt me for the rest of my life. My fiancee and I were sleeping, as we work 3rd shift. The beating on the door was loud… I’m not sure how long he was there before it woke me up. It did not wake my fiance up. I looked out the window and saw an unmarked SUV but I could tell it was the police. I answered the door and he said my name. I answered “yes”. He said my daughter’s name and I said “yes”. He said that she was in an accident (I knew what was coming next) and that she had expired. I went to my knees and made noises I’ve never heard myself make before. He got me inside to the couch and asked if anyone else was there. I told him my fiance’s name as I was crying uncontrollably. He yelled her name a number of times and she came out. He started talking to her and she started yelling “Oh my God” and came to hold me. She and my daughter were very close.

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Confessions Of A Dude Addicted To The Dope Game

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xanax dealer

The information provided in this interview is for entertainment purposes only. We do not condone the sale or purchase of illegal drugs.

I’ve been drug dealing for the past 4 years now. I did have a year where I didn’t sell anything but besides that, it’s been pretty steady. The problem is, I just don’t think I can stop. It’s become an addiction. I don’t give a fuck about getting high. I smoke weed and drink alcohol occasionally but, besides that, I haven’t touched another drug.

There’s probably a lot that has lead up to this point, starting from a young age, but 4 years ago I found the markets and Bitcoin. It was at a point in my life where things were low and I found drug dealing. My first package was a package of Xanax bars. I made $1,000 profit in about 4 days because, at the time, pressed bars weren’t very well known so my prices were dirt cheap compared to everyone else’s.

That’s the moment things changed for me. The moment where I fucked everything up for myself.

4 years later, here I am. It’s a fucking addiction. When I stop, it’s for a month, max besides the one year I quit due to personal and OPSEC (Operational Security) related reasons. It’s a craving I can’t make go away. The adrenaline of doing something illegal, the money, the respect, the power you have over your little group of people…I don’t know…it’s impossible for me to explain so I’ll explain the more addicted part now.

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The 7 Stages Of Amphetamine Addiction

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meth addiction

I would like to, create a reference point (not only for addicts, but also future addicts and spectators as well) for the process of amphetamine addiction developing in the mind – mainly by noting what effects dwindle at what phases, and what effects become prominent at what stages. This is all mostly through self-experience although I am also researching a bit on the topic.

Amphetamine (and its derivatives) are unique from most other drugs. The effects of amphetamine work in discrete stages, and some effects may continue while other effects wear off.

A user develops tolerance to amphetamine in different ways than he would develop tolerance to say, opiates or benzos. Amphetamine tolerance is not caused by an increase of corresponding receptors, but instead it is mainly caused by depletion of the neurotransmitters it releases (dopamine, norepinephrine, and some serotonin) and also because amphetamine is neurotoxic (not only will the amphetamine molecule itself cause neuron damage, but the oxidation resulting from the metabolism of neurotransmitters reaches abnormally high levels and can kill neurons. Also, an increased body temperature can increase the potential for neuron death.) Amphetamine tolerance can also indirectly be the product of lack of sleep and poor nutrition. Amphetamine tolerance has many more factors which play in to it than traditional drugs. Some users find that with responsible usage, they can delay amphetamine tolerance indefinitely. Other users find that tolerance can be accumulated rapidly from just one period of binge usage.

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