The Best Workout Gear 2020

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The Fitbit Charge 2 essentially puts you in charge of everything related to your health and fitness levels including your levels of activities, rest, and sleep. It even keeps track of your heart rate so you’ll have an idea of your other health parameters.

fitbit charge 2

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny memes and funny pictures

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Poll Of The Day

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bird feeding fetish

So, I met this beautiful woman about 7 months ago at an alumni function. We hit it off and honestly she’s everything I could ask for. I’m not sure if I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but so far everything is working out and she even moved in with me two months ago with no problems.

However, this past holiday season she started doing something gross. Honestly, it’s so disgusting I haven’t even asked my friends or family for help on this matter. On Christmas Eve, I woke up pleasantly surprised to see that she was cooking breakfast. But, when I looked at my scrambled eggs, it looked really really sketchy. It looked way too moist. My gf told me she used a fancy cheese which is why it was extra moist and smelly. I believed her and ate it. The texture was absolutely horrendous, but taste-wise it was fine. She beamed and started planning our holiday.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Prison

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How much can you make dealing drugs in prison

Can you get drugs in jail/prison?

You bet your fucking ass you can. It’s all there. Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstacy, Meth, Heroin, PCP, etc. You name it, you can get it. I’ve even seen hypodermic syringes smuggled from the medical ward for people to use to shoot up. A metal ballpoint pen? Crackpipe. They would strip and ball up copper wire from headphones, set it on fire (to take some sort of coating off the copper), bunch it up inside the metal base of the pen and voila! Crackpipe!

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Brain Teaser Of The Day

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brain teaser

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Picture Of The Day

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mongolian woman box

A Mongolian woman reaches out from the porthole of a crate in which she is imprisoned, July 1913.

This photo was taken in July 1913 by French photographer Albert Kahn. Albert Kahn was a millionaire banker who pioneered color photography using the process invented by the Lumière brothers. During his trip through exotic countries, Albert Kahn visited Mongolia where he took this picture of a woman who was condemned to slow and painful starvation by being deposited in a remote desert inside a wooden crate that was to become her tomb. Initially the bowls on the ground had water in it, though was not intentionally refilled, and the person inside was allowed to beg for food which often just prolonged their suffering as they generally didn’t get enough food for the passersby. The photographer had to leave her in the box because it would be against a prime directive of anthropologists to intervene in another cultures law and order system.

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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

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Master of his craft

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The Daily Man-Up: All We Have Is NOW

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(photo: @jamie_fenn)

All we have is right NOW. We can’t guarantee our future self will make the right decisions, and we can’t undo the past mistakes. Stop making plans to be successful in the future and start taking massive action right this very second.

I’ve been super guilty of procrastination by planning, researching, etc. I make to do lists, spreadsheets and routines ad nauseum. I set alarms and reminders. I look at inspirational posts and daydream about the future only to never follow through. The act of making plans and lists satisfies me enough to wait till the next day to take action, which I never do.

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Sophie Mudd – Everything You Wanted To Know, Wiki, Photos And More

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sophie mudd

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quokka selfie

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Life Hack: You can clean reusable water bottles with denture tablets. They will dislodge things like mineral buildup or mildew and power it away overnight while it works its magic. You can use this same trick for things like tea kettles and coffee pots, wine bottles, drink pitchers – Amazon

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