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A Tribute To Man's Best Friend

Confessions Of A Nevada Brothel Sex Worker

Beautiful Black Women

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beautiful black women

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Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

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In 1990, Mr. Rogers sued the KKK for impersonating his voice in prerecorded messages. These messages said “AIDS was divine retribution” and included radio skits simulating lynchings of black children on a playground. The tapes were circulated among elementary and middle school children. (article)

The message imitates the sound effects and song of the program and Mr. Rogers’s voice and speech patterns. On the first tape, the Mr. Rogers impersonator points out a black youngster on a playground and calls him a ”nigger drug pusher.” At the end of the tape, the Klan lynches the youth. In a second tape, the Mr. Rogers impersonator ridicules homosexuals and says, ”AIDS was divine retribution.”


During test times in Korea, they will lock the access to rooftops. This is because students have been known to realise they are failing whilst taking the test, stop, and leave to jump off the roof. (article)

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There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

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funny pictures that are just too true

funny pictures that are just too true

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quote of the day

On a bus one day.....

.....a man was sitting next to a woman who was trying to breast-feed her child. The child however refuses to suck on the breast.

Being frustrated, the mother threatens the child, "If you don't suck on, I will give it to the man next to us!" The child still refuses to oblige. After about 10 minutes of failed effort to get her child to breastfeed, the woman threatens her child again.

Finally the man clears his throat and says, "Look here woman, you better make up your mind. I was supposed to get off 6 stops ago!"

More Accidental Renaissance!

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Hot Instagram Babe Of The Day

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hot instagram babe of the day: angelsetfree

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos of the day

funny pictures and videos of the day

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9 Most Common Mistake People Make When Choosing Their Spouse?

September 21, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating |

I am a child of divorce, professional who dealt with divorcing couples for many years, Adult who went through a divorce, remarried and volunteer counseling/mentoring for couples today.

Here are the most common mistakes I’ve seen (my own as well as collectively) in the failed and struggling marriages I’ve seen:

1. One or both spouses have unresolved childhood baggage issues that will rear its head in their adult relationships. Examples of these include (but not limited to) physical or emotional abuse/neglect in the home; sexual abuse; one or both parents had substance abuse/addiction issues; one or both partners came from a divorced or single parent household. Among the many reasons why this is such a significant factor is if you grow up in a dysfunctional environment, you have no idea how dysfunctional and unhealthy it really is. To you, its normal, it is all you’ve ever known. So if Mom and Dad resolved conflict by getting drunk, yelling at each other and then not speaking for days, guess what you have a chance of modeling as an adult in your own relationships?

2. Understanding what “marriage as a priority” really means. When you get married, your marriage has to be the main priority in your life. Not your career, not your spouse (i.e. don’t put them on a pedestal), not your kids, not your hobbies or your personal fitness. The fact is, when you get married, you no longer get to call all of the shots. Gotten used to staying up all night playing XBOX with your boys on weekends? Not going to work in a marriage for an extended period of time. You’re going to have to accept the fact that if you want to have a healthy marriage, compromise is your new word of the day. In some cases you may have to give things up entirely, or learn to say “no for now.” While this often tends to be more of a struggle for men, women can also struggle with this issue. I’m not saying that getting married means giving up you completely, or kiss all of your favorite activities goodbye. What I am saying is, if you want your marriage to be healthy, you now have someone else in your life who gets an equal (not dominant–equal) say in how you spend your free time.

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