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15 Zillionaires Share Practical Advice to Get Rich (Plus How to Start) – The Penny Hoarder

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Premiums Would Double Under GOP ObamaCare Repeal According To Congressional Budget Office – Newser

Four Productivity Principles From The Stoics You Can Use Today- Daily Stoic

After her naked pictures were found online, a teacher who says a 13-year-old student forced himself on her is headed to trial – Rare

5 Little Shifts that Will Make Your “Stressful” Life 5 Times Easier – Marc And Angel

Top 10 Strategies for Learning New Skills – Zapier

A Day With The Fastest Production Car Ever Made – The Verge

Baltimore Cop Doesn’t Realize His Body Camera Is Filming, Films Himself Planting Drugs At Crime Scene – Digg

Ariel Winter’s Juicy Booty In A Bikini – Hollywood Tuna

R. Kelly Sex Slave Exposes Attention Hungry Father – The Blemish

Chris Christie Booed And Roasted After Catching Foul Ball – Trending Views

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The Dumping Grounds

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20 Maps That Accurately Describe The World We Are Living In

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The Highest Paid Public Employees In Each State


Number of Executions Since 1976

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This Is What Our Veterans Look Like After A Decade Of War In The Middle East

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Wars never really end, because even though they may finish on the battlefield, many veterans bring the war back home and are forced to live with them for the rest of their lives.

Bobby Henline (pictured above) was trapped inside a transport when he was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He was the only survivor.

This sad and sobering truth is highlighted by photographers like David Jay and James Nachtwey, who have been documenting young and badly wounded American soldiers following their return home from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Social Justice Warriors….LOL!

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The Daily Man-Up

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The more you hate yourself, the more you will try to please and impress the other people around you all the time. After all, if you secretly believe that you’re a rotten piece of shit, then it follows that you will overvalue what other people think of you, and you will unconsciously dedicate all of your efforts to manipulating them into thinking you’re not the awful person you secretly believe you are.

The word “yes” gets a lot of hype these days, but I want to bring back the power of saying “no.”

Saying no is pretty awesome when you know when and how to say it right. You say no to doing a bunch of meaningless shit that you don’t think is important in life. You say no to people who overstep their boundaries and make unfair demands of your time or attention. You say no to make it clear to others where you stand and what you will/will not tolerate in your relationships. No is awesome.

Saying these nos is difficult, of course. That’s because the ability to say a healthy no requires a certain degree of self-respect and self-care. But saying no to the people and things that harm your life rather than help is often the first step to learning how to love and care for yourself.

Oh, and of course, you learn to say no to yourself too, to discipline yourself and keep yourself in check, to remind yourself that you don’t, in fact, know everything or even know what the hell you’re saying or doing half the time. This is such an underrated skill, yet it seems to be lost these days in the “give me one of everything” age.

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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

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Pro Wrestling Matched Turned Real….Kimura vs Rikidozan

This was supposed to be seen as the duel of the century in Japan, with both wrestlers having backgrounds in martial arts, or fighting in some form. Kimura had a judo background, even inventing what we know today as the Kimura Lock. Rikidozan had a background in sumo wrestling. Their rivalry was to be booked as a series of matches, with the first scripted to end in a draw. After an errant kick to the groin, Rikidozan snapped. He unleashed a flurry of chops to Kimura’s neck and face. At one point, Kimura even turned to the referee, presumably to ask for some kind of help, only to be pummeled to the floor and kicked in the face while the ref just watched and nodded.

Somehow Kimura mustered up enough strength to stand up, bewildered by the turn of events. After the referee checked him for injuries, Rikidozan raced back in and chopped Kimura so hard in the neck that he knocked him out cold.

On December 8, 1963, while partying in a Tokyo nightclub, Rikidōzan was stabbed with a urine-soaked blade by a man named Katsuji Murata who belonged to the ninkyō dantai (Yakuza) Sumiyoshi-ikka. Reportedly, Rikidōzan threw Murata out of the club and continued to party, refusing to seek medical help. Another report states that Rikidōzan did indeed see his physician shortly after the incident, and was told the wound was not serious. He died a week later of peritonitis on December 15. It is rumored by Kimura that his murder was in retaliation for what transpired in the wrestling match.


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Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Sommer Ray

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