The Dumping Grounds

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funny memes and funny pictures

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Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

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Sometimes letting go is impossible to do

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First Hand Account Of A Lynching In Texas, 1916

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lynching of jesse washington

In Waco Texas, 1916, 10,000 people watched the lynching of Jesse Washington (castrated, burned, and mutilated for 2+ hours) A photographer sold postcards of the event. Prominent citizens eventually persuaded photographer to stop selling them fearing the images would come to characterize the town. Here is a first hand account of that lynching:

“A big fellow in the back of the court room yelled, ‘Get the Nigger!’ Barney Goldberg, one of the deputy sheriffs, told me that he did not know that Fleming had dropped orders to let them get the Negro, and pulled his revolver. Afterwards he got his friends to swear to an affidavit that he was not present. Fleming said he had sworn in fifty deputies. I asked him where they were. He asked, ‘Would you want to protect the nigger?’ The judge made no effort to stop the mob, although he had firearms in his desk.”

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What’s It Like To Work At Google?

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whats it like to work at google

I have never worked anywhere apart from Google, so I cannot draw a comparison but here is what I think.

Pros :

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Brain Teaser Of The Day

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There is a lightbulb inside a closet. The door is closed, and you cannot see if the light is on or off through the door. However, you know the light is off to start. Outside of the closet, there are three light switches. One of the switches controls the lightbulb in the closet. You can flip the switches however you want, but once you open the door, you can no longer touch the switches.

How do you figure out without a doubt which switch controls the light?

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Picture Of The Day

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billy collins vs luis resto

The Most Sinister Boxing Match Of All Time

Undefeated Billy Collins Jr. (14-0, 11 KO) was a junior middleweight (154 lb.) prospect on his way up. Luis Resto (20-8-2, 8 KO) was a light-punching journeyman.

Resto beat Collins’ eyes shut and his skin purple and blue. Collins suffered a torn iris and his vision was forever blurred. Collins could no longer fight. Collins’ father and trainer Collins Sr. went up to shake Resto’s hand out of sportsmanship, only to be overcome with rage at how thin Resto’s glove was. He demanded the gloves be impounded. Resto’s padding had been removed, and Resto himself admitted years later that his handwraps had been soaked in plaster of Paris, a substance that hardens into plaster casts.

Collins began drinking and became violent without boxing in his life. He would later drive his car into a cement wall in 1984, ending his life at age 22. Resto and his trainer, Panama Lewis, were banned for life from the sport. Resto served 2 1/2 years in prison for assault, while boxing suffered a tragedy that shows just how dangerous cheating can be in this sport.

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The Daily Man-Up

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dad teaches son how to fight bully

So my son was being bullied pretty badly at school. People would make fun of his accent, use racial slurs towards him, throw open milk cartons at him at lunch, start rumors about him, they put his book bag in the toilet once, and a bunch of fucked shit kids do to each other.

My son had told on the main perpetrator to me and his mother and I went to the school and told them about my concerns and the school gave him a stern talking to which only stopped him for a few weeks and then he continued to bully my son.

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Chanelle Punton – Everything You Wanted To Know, Wiki, Photos And More

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chanelle punton

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alpine swift

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This is a pair of boots that has it all: looks, durability, invincible leather, and a very competitive price for a boot with all those qualities – Amazon

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Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think – Wait But Why

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A Bunch Of Crackheads Show Up After A Dope House Gets Reopened In Chicago – Worldstar

The Science of Killing a Bad Habit – Nir And Far

How the brow lift went mainstream: Once you notice it, you won’t be able to stop – VOX

They small mirrors help you see in your blind spot. They are extremely useful and have saved so many lives. And the best part? They are extremely cheap – Amazon

Pretty Hot Flight Attendants (34 Photos) – The Viraler

His Girlfriend Demanded That He Spend $3,200 On Her For Valentine’s Day – Brass Pills

Buying a Used Vs. New Car: Which Provides the Better Deals? – I See Cars

My Journey Through Tijuana For The Best Surgery $2,000 Can Buy – Outline

A damn fine collection of booty for the week – Phun

Top 10 Origins Of Controversial Stereotypes – Listverse

Man Shit Himself…and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

This Sports Illustrated Model Is 56 Years Old – The Blemish

How This Couple Made $332K Worth of Debt Disappear While Raising 4 Kids – The Penny Hoarder

The Woman Who Makes Prosthetic Pinkies for Ex-Yakuza Members – Motherboard

Ariel Winter Nipple Pokies (nsfw) – The Slip

The 50 Best Whiskeys in the World – Men’s Journal

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16 Splurge Worthy Gifts To Treat Yo Self With!

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Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

"These are the greatest headphones I have ever listened to in my entire life, Hands down, no close second." This is a completely different listening experience to anything that I’ve heard before. The dynamics are insane, the isolation, as far as these eartips, the ones that were pre-installed. They just shut off the rest of the world beyond even what active noise cancellation can do so you can really appreciate every little nuance in the music

Shure SE846-CL

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