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Men Are Spending $200K and Enduring the Worst Pain Imaginable to Grow Three Inches – Mel Magazine

Indiana man, 34, who impregnated 10-year-old girl, gets over 100 years in prison – Fox News

How To Cut Your Cords And Save Money, While Still Keeping Your Channels – Amazon

What Ecstasy Does to Octopuses – The Atlantic

The Trick To Thinking Clearer and Better – Medium

157 corpses discovered in truck in Mexico – AOL

Disturbing vid shows father-son gun down their neighbor during dispute over trash – Instagram

How to Become More Resilient In The Face Of Obstacles – Goop

China is building a digital dictatorship to exert control over its 1.4 billion citizens. For some, “social credit” will bring privileges — for others, punishment – ABC

Ashley Graham curvy body in a swimsuit – Sports Gossip

Hot Twins Ask Regular Guys To Have A Threesome – Leenks

‘Snitching’ clause led to UFC star Jon Jones’ significantly reduced USADA suspension – Bloody Elbow

Social Aggression vs Asocial Violence: Why Knowing the Difference Can Save Your Life – The Art Of Manliness

English Man Gets Bionic Penis, Loses Virginity at 45 – TMZ

This nifty contraption helps you take dramtically better photos of yourself – Amazon

Relationship experts say one of the most dangerous beliefs about marriage is that you’re supposed to make your spouse happy – Business Insider

Not sure why everyone is celebrating a mobribdly obese model’s body positivity – Instagram

best dog products on amazon

10 Awesome Dog Products You Won’t Believe You’ve Been Living Without – Awesome Galore

16 Astounding Facts About Japan That Prove a Parallel Universe Does Exist – Bright Side

How to negotiate a raise you deserve (in 3 months) – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Top 10 Difficult Decisions You’ll Make in Life (and How to Make Them) – Life Hacker

4 Cosmetic Fixes That Can Make You Significantly More Attractive To Women – Return Of Kings

Black Sabbath’s 1972 cocaine budget: $75,000 – Dangerous Minds

What Instagram Girls Do When Invited to Hang With Rich Dudes of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

A look at the shady figures linked to UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov – Bloody Elbow

Meet LA Insta Model Alexis Clark – G-Celeb

This Anime Trailer For ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ Is Honestly The Best Thing We’ve Seen In Months – YouTube

Instagram Model Hilde Osland Is Unreal – Hollywood Tuna

How to eat dim sum like an expert – The Takeout

SeaWorld Admits To Giving Orcas Anti-Anxiety Drugs – The Dodo

Study finds Americans who join ISIS are disappointed by the experience – AL

Smoking hot latina takes a damn fine selfie – Ehowa

Meet the Men Who Have a Fart Fetish – VICE

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos

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A Few Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

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life is beautiful

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A Few Videos Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life

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Ruby is 1 of 12 people in the world diagnosed with Stromme syndrome. She hopes that those who get to meet her take a moment to say “hi.”


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The Daily Man-Up

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“Generally speaking, you’re free until you’re about 4 years old. Then you go to grammar school and then you start becoming…oriented and shoved into areas. You lose what individualism you have. If you have enough of course, you retain some of it… Then you work the 8 hour job with almost a feeling of goodness, like you’re doing something. Then you get married like marriage is a victory, and you have children like children is a victory… Marriage, birth, children. It’s something they have to do because there’s nothing else to do. There’s no glory in it, there’s no steam, there’s no fire. It’s very, very flat… You get caught into the structure of what you’re supposed to be and you have no other choice. You’re finally molded and melded into what you’re supposed to be. I didn’t like this.”

– Charles Bukowski.

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This One Goes Out To All The Gamers Out There

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funny video game pictures

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Pretty Girls Make The World Go Round

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pretty girls and beautiful women

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The 74 Essential Things Every Man Must Do to Fully Experience Life Before He Dies – Knowledge For Men

This $14 Fountain Pen Writes Better Than A $400 Montblanc – Amazon

A List Of 8 Core Values I Live By – Darious Foroux

Creating Disneyland Was Like Building a Brand New City – Atlas Obscura

How To Create Next Level Wealth: When A Million Just Won’t Cut It – Financial Samurai

‘I had a sexual relationship with a dolphin’ – NY Post

The Easiest and Best Online Banks – The Weekly Cut

What Is Pegging? This Sex Act Is On the Rise Among Straight Men – Mens Health

Colombia’s cocaine production hit an all time high last year and the US remains the worlds largest consumer, proving once again the war on drugs has failed – BBC

Why Jeff Bezos schedules all of his ‘high IQ’ meetings between 10 a.m. and noon – Ladders

The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women – Mel Magazine

This is the toothbrush subscription service everyone is talking about – Quip

It’s Official: Jordan Peele Will Host His Twilight Zone Reboot – i09

This $20 cushion will dramatically reduce back pain and sciatica. Put it on your office chair, your car seat or wherever you sit for prolonged periods of time – Amazon

Batman’s Nude Penis Launches DC’s Mature Comic Line – Screenrant

Huge marijuana bundles are washing up on Florida beaches after hurricane Florence, and swimmers are fighting over them – National Post

Failed Attempt to Put Dead Whale in Dumpster ‘Was a Mistake’ – NBC

FanDuel not honoring bet that would have paid more than $82,000 due to line error – ESPN

San Francisco residents pleading with thieves to spare their vehicles – ABC

Possibly Brie Larson’s Hottest Newd Pics of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Meet Roland, Japan’s Most Successful Male Geisha – Oddity Central

Keilah Kang’s hottest photos, ulimate compilation (nsfw) – Celeb J

What does math look like to mathematicians? – Popular Science

Ashley Benson, Victoria Justice and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

World’s worst pedo Peter Scully who filmed baby rapes, tortured kids and made them dig their own graves smirks at life in jail – The Sun

George Clooney Once Gave His 14 Best Friends $1 Million Each – Maxim

The Dutch East India Company was worth $7.9 Trillion at its peak – more than 20 of the largest companies today – Visual Capitalist

8 Books That Elon Musk Says Changed His Life – Daily Curiosity

Do you ever see a super-old, super-rich guy out on the town with a super-young girl who’s super out of his league and wonder, how the hell did that happen? This is how it happened – GQ

How To Become The Toughest Man Alive – Medium

Every Episode of Black Mirror, Ranked From Worst to Best – Vulture

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos

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Story Time With Adult Film Star Tyler Knight

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The line of mopes wraps around the warehouse hidden in the Valley’s North Hollywood. It moves, I take a step. These men are not the chiseled, two-hundred pound studs with eight-inch-plus penises of the A-list. They will never get the call to work with even passable looking woman in a scene for a mid-tier studio, and they know it. This is the bukkake line.

Sure, I’m in line just like these mopes are, but I’m different. I’ve done scenes for top tier studios already. Christ, look at these guys, then look at me. I’m not like them. Even my shirt, the sample I modeled in the Krizia Uomo show in Milan two Springs ago, may be old but it’s a tangible link to what I’ve done. Proof of who I was. More than these mopes will ever accomplish in ten lifetimes.

Conversations include: a group scene where one mope brags about actually getting to fuck the girl for a solid minute before another mope tapped him on the shoulder to swap out; another man boasts of his one-on-one scene with a used up, twenty-year porn veteran, milf that he managed to not fuck up, which he proclaims, “We had a connection!”; to the porn parties they lie about being invited to.

The line moves. I take a step.

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