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19 Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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Maybe The Kids Will Be Alright After All

10 Weird Things I Learned From Becoming A Meth Addict

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Celebrities Who Kept Their Fatal Illnesses Secret for Years – Ranker

Paralyzed Bulldog Crammed In A Tiny Crate Received A New Lease On Life – Slip Talk

The Embarrassing Moment a Girl Realizes Her Pants are See-Thru – Radass

Interesting And Weird Facts About North Korea – Leenks

Guy has a nasty and infected pus-filled toe and when pops it, its Mount St. Goo – Faves

Iggy Azalea in a Bikini of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

We Won’t Say No to Asian Girls – Bro My God

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National Go Topless Day – Gunaxin

Shaq Says Both Sons Will "Definitely" Make the NBA – The Hoop Doctors

Dwayne Johnson/Vin Diesel ‘Fast 8’ Feud May Have Been Faked For Wrestlemania Showdown – The Movie Network

30 Steaming Hot Pics of Bria Myles – Regretful Morning

Kim Kardashian using her breasts for attention, you say? – Celeb Slam

Late Night Randomness (24 Photos) – Suburban Men

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos of the day

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Why Do Girls Like A**holes So Much?

August 31, 2016 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Dating |

by George P.H.

The first time I fell in love, I was 13. I wanted her to like me back so much I was prepared to do anything. I did my best to be nice, kind and giving – but none of it worked.

So I spent 2 years watching my first crush date asshole after asshole. She’d fall for the cheaters, the jerks and the guys who disrespected her. Every time, I was the one she cried to when things went wrong for the Nth time.

I didn’t get it. Here I was, giving her so much and ready to give more; we’d be great together… But she kept choosing them over me. She wasn’t the only one; over the years, many of the girls I liked ended up with assholes.

So when I finally decided to get with women, the first thing I wanted to know was, “why do girls like assholes so much?” – and whether I had to become one to be loved.

Here are the answers to those questions.

1. Girls Like Assholes because They’re Strong

Assholes have tough, dominant personalities. They’re not afraid to assert themselves over other people – in fact, they rarely show fear at all. They take what they want from life and don’t care what anyone thinks of them.

This is incredibly attractive because girls want to be with men who make them feel safe and protected. They like strong guys who know what they want and aren’t afraid to take it. Assholes have all those qualities – and so women choose them.

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quote of the day

You can find out the hard way that you're in the wrong sport. Like, a lot of these guys, what's the reason that you fight? You have to ask them. If you ask the Diaz Brothers, what they do and what they're good at? Fight. They love to fight. That's what they do. That's who they are. You'll find out really quick if you're a fighter or not against them. Just because you fight in the UFC, that doesn't mean you're a fighter.

Fighters, real fighters, they know they have a chance no matter what, the whole fight, and they love that. They don't give a fuck. They don't care what's happening. They know in that last minute, that last round, they've still got a chance and they don't care what the other guy thinks, because they know the other guy wants to beat them too. That's a fighter. But a lot of these guys aren't like that at all. A lot of these guys, they just want to have people recognize them in the streets. That's not a fighter. You're not a fighter. ‘I just want to fight because I want to have a good enough career to open up a gym.' No. That's a small business owner. You want to be a small business owner. You don't want to be a fighter. You want to work for yourself. Good for you. I don't like coaching those guys, but I love to fight those guys because I know if I hit that guy, he's going to hurt. And when he hurts, he's going to change.

But Nate, the whole time, he kept coming forward. He lost the fight. I knew I won the fight. There was like 30 seconds left, and he still... kept... coming for me. And I respect that the most, because if I would've given him the opportunity, he would've beaten the shit out of me.

- Joe Stevenson

Dat Rump!

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dat rump 5

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PSA Of The Day: Stay The Hell Away From Meth!

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faces of meth

faces of meth

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An Introduction To The Tiny House Movement

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funny pictures and videos of the day

What are tiny houses? The tiny house movement? Tiny living?

Simply put, it is a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in. The typical American home is around 2,600 square feet, whereas the typical small or tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet. Tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but they enable simpler living in a smaller, more efficient space.

People are joining this movement for many reasons, but the most popular reasons include environmental concerns, financial concerns, and the desire for more time and freedom. For most Americans 1/3 to 1/2 of their income is dedicated to the roof over their heads; this translates to 15 years of working over your lifetime just to pay for it, and because of it 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

So what is the alternative? One solution might be to live smaller. While we don’t think tiny houses are for everyone, there are lessons to be learned and applied in order to escape the cycle of debt in which almost 70% of Americans are trapped.

funny pictures and videos of the day

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A Few Struggles All Broke People Can Relate To

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funny pictures and videos of the day

funny pictures and videos of the day

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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

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Discrepancy In Skill


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