Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Coral Zitker

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Coral Coral Coral Coral
Coral Coral Coral Coral



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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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A Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk to Police – VICE

Ex-WWE Hottie Eva Marie In A Bikini Was A Summer Highlight – Mandatory

16 years ago, we began a “war on terror” that will never end – Rare

In Surprise Vote, House Passes Amendment to Restrict Asset Forfeiture – The Intercept

Bernie Sanders unveils universal healthcare bill: ‘We will win this struggle’ – Newser

Bri Teresi Loves To Show Off Her Booty – Yes Bitch

22 Photos Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To See – Trending Pop

Floyd Mayweather ran into trouble when he tried to place a big bet before his fight – FanBuzz

How Facebook Changed the Spy Game – Politico

Five Essential Lessons I Learned In 20 Years Of Managing People – Fast Company

5 Types of Friends Every Man Needs – The Art Of Manliness

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Miss Texas Calls Out President Trump at Miss America Pageant – The Blemish

A Self-Made Billionaire Reveals the 1 Mental Hurdle That You Must Overcome to Reach Your Potential – INC

Hot girls in just towels – Radass

Lesbians Are Willing To Teach You How To Eat A Girl Out, So Are You Willing To Listen? – Pairade

Ariel Winter Was Out in Beverly Hills for Her Boyfriend’s Birthday – G-Celeb

42 Hottest Instagram Pics of Livia Gullo – Regretful Morning

10 R-Rated History Facts You Weren’t Taught In School – Grumpy Sloth

Sara Jean Underwood Is “Working” Hard For Her Money – Hollywood Tuna


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The Dumping Grounds

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Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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The Last Prayer 

Dawn breaks upon the cross of Christ at the bow of a Coast Guard Combat Cutter protecting an allied convoy moving into the zone of war. Led by a chaplain, the Coast Guardsmen sing of the glory of the cross at this impressive service in the forecastle under the guns loaded to battle with their enemies.

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A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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What is the inmate “pecking order” in prison?

Jail and prison populations involve people living in very close proximity to one another (in some housing situations, the toilet seat might be only a few inches from your face when you’re lying in bed), so it is natural to expect that a culture and social structure will emerge.

At the top of the heap would be high-ranking members of crime organizations. Old-style Mafia first come to mind. These guys are still powerful, but maybe not as much as they used to be. More likely you’ll find people in what are usually called “gangs,” e.g. Crips, Bloods, Black Guerrilla Family, Latin Kings, MS-13, etc. There are also gangs that operate mainly within prisons, such as the Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood, United Blood Nation, etc. Most established prison gangs have alliances with “free world” gangs. 

Members of these gangs, the “soldiers,” are the next level down. They are protected by other gang members, as an insult or assault on any gang member is viewed as an act against the entire gang. The origin of prison gangs was for mutual protection, usually against other ethnic/racial factions. Prison and street crime gangs don’t have much of an equal opportunity program.

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The Daily Man-Up

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “Nice guys finish last” and perhaps you’ve experienced it as you watch pushy, inconsiderate guys get the job you want or get the romantic attention of someone you’ve been pining for. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? There’s nothing wrong with being nice, but when you’re so nice to everyone that you stop being nice to yourself, your efforts can backfire. Here are some ways to show people that you value yourself and that they should value you, too.

1. Know the signs of being a “Nice Guy”.

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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

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Max Holloway and Ricardo Lamas stand and bang at UFC 199


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Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Ashley Graham

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