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18 Powerful Photos That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

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When I put an entire paycheck towards my debt


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Beautiful Black Women

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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The Dumping Grounds

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Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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At the ripe age of 137, White Wolf a.k.a. Chief John Smith is considered the oldest Native American to have ever lived, 1785-1922


A Ghost Army trooper paints an inflatable rubber tank modelled on an M-4 Sherman. The 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, an elite force whose speciality was tactical deception, was a matter of military secrecy until its declassification in 1996.

Military deception is as old as war itself, but the idea the Allied planners came up with represented something new: a mobile, self-contained deception unit capable of staging multimedia illusions on demand. The 1,100 men in the unit were capable of simulating two full divisions—up to 30,000 men—with all the tanks and artillery that the real units might be expected to have. The illusion might discourage the enemy from exploiting a weak spot by making the site seem as if it was heavily defended, or could draw enemy troops away from where real American units were planning an attack.

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11 Children Of Teen Parents Reveal What Life Was Like While Growing Up

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1. It wasn’t the greatest. My mother had me when she was 17 and still in school. As a result, my grandparents watched me whenever she wasn’t able to do so, and as time passed, that happened more and more often. They actually ended up raising me but still encouraged a relationship with her. Looking back, I’m convinced that did a lot more harm than good. She just wasn’t ready to be a mother so young; she was the sort who was very social and loved to party and needed to be part of the in-crowd. When she was finally ready for children, she went on to have a replacement kid — a “do-over”, someone once described it — who, to this day, is by far the favorite child. My mother and I are not close at all, and I still have a lot of lingering issues I’ve needed to work through over the years because of it.


2. My parents have two sets of kids. They raised my older brother and I when they were teenagers and had my little brother and sister toward their 30/40s.

Growing up my parents had no money or family support. We didn’t have many toys, we ate simply and the presents we got were necessities wrapped up nicely. What they did have was time and energy and we were rich quality time.

Now my parents are much better off having finished school and established themselves professionally . My (20 years younger) siblings are drowning in toys and camps, playgroups and activities…but my parents are tired. I took for granted how much time and energy my parents had to simply play and engage with me as a kid. I can’t help but see the activities as a way to get the little ones out of the house and the toys as an apology for being burnt out.

I have a great relationship with my parents. I like them as people and enjoy their company. It was (and is) odd to watch them become adults, settle into themselves and their lives. It did set me apart from other kids growing up and of course other parents and teachers whispered. I put effort into living well to spite them. My parents sweat blood to make sure siblings and I have what we need, and we do. Occasionally we joke about about being neighbours in an old folks home and racing walkers down the hallways.

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A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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What is Financial Domination?

Financial Domination comes from a deep need for a loss of control. Financial Domination can be played in a myriad of ways but the main idea is a dominant woman seductively or harshly manipulating money from a submissive male.

For the submissive the idea of having a woman take money from him or manipulate him into a state of wanting to give money to her is incredibly erotic. In some cases the submissive male even dreams of complete financial ruination.  This is extreme but has been done by many femme dommes in the past. Usually Financial Domination just involves the taking or giving of money either on a scheduled basis, through coercion or blackmail, or just out of an intense need to give.

Now for those of you who are reading this thinking, ‘you’d have to be nuts to get off on that,’ let me remind you that everyone has their own erotic fantasies however if you’ve ever taken a woman on a date, you’ve been financially dominated.  If you’ve ever been screwed over in a divorce, you’ve been financially dominated. So don’t be too quick to judge. For some it’s painful, for others it’s very hot.

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Hot New Music Of The Day

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Check out this new p-funk drenched hip hop song from Chicago rapper JAMS the Flava Child.  The song is dope featuring live instruments with rapid fire rhythms. 

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